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2 More Weeks!

Hello Stardust Elements!
Hello Stardust Elements!

Hello my beloved Elements!!

This is the 4th thank you video because you are amazing!

We've surpassed Stardust's Hatchfund campaign stretch goal and as of May 26th we're at 107%! Thank you so much!

Hatchfund was so tickled by our success that they've extended our deadline through June 9th. And thank goodness for that!

We've tweaked the design on the spaceship/flying saucer bench, making it more expensive to build. However, it will be gorgeous, more sturdy and safer.

And I got my quote for the rental truck that will take Stardust to the playa. Ouch!!! Waaaay over my budget.

So, any tax-deductible contribution you could send our way would be wonderful.

And one more thing!!!

On Sunday, June 3rd, I'll be giving a brief presentation on Stardust for the Burning Man Desert Arts Preview at the Nourse Theater in San Francisco. Eeeeeeee!!!! As of today (May 26th), tickets are still available.

The latest thank you video:

Please check out the latest thank you video (above) and share the project link (below) with anyone you think would like to help back a groovy art installation.

We Are All Stardust!


Project link to share on Facebook:

And for those you know who are not on FB, here is the direct link to the Stardust Hatchfund Campaign:

And if you haven’t seen the previous thank you videos…

First one when we were supported to 48% of our stretch goal:

Second one when Stardust supporters rocketed us to 75%!

Third one when we hit 88% of our stretch goal:




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