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Burning Man

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

White outs, high winds, desert sun and heat, fatigue and dehydration. That's the stuff you deal with at Burning Man but it didn't stop us from building Stardust on time.

Our crew consisted of campmates, hoopers, friends from other art projects, friends of friends and random wonderful people who just showed up to help. It was hard and exciting and draining and fulfilling beyond belief. My project manager, Tom Lee, and the folks at the Artery and Art Support guided me through the whole process and kept me calm.

I definitely cried, had a day of just feeling broken, but it could have been worse. I cried mostly because I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the people who showed up and supported this project from the idea phase all the way to the final load out. Lots of pictures here show the build process: Launch And more during Stardust's time at Burning Man: Orbit But please enjoy this little window into the journey.



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