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Cosmic Rays - A Test!

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

Made the first fiber optic bundle using hooks along my fence. I walked back and forth 140 times to create a 280 fiber bundle.

It's longer than I'll need but this gives me enough wiggle room to experiment with placement inside the Galactic Tube, the length hanging off of the fiberglass rods and check how the light actually works.

We set the ends of the fibers over a tiny little 10w LED chip. Initially, I wasn't really sure how far the light would travel but I unfurled the bundle down the hallway and man! it looked amazing! I snipped some of the ends to see how they would look and again, amazing! The light just came shooting right out of the tips.

Next up...testing it all outside. Rather than creating a support cage, I picked up two 5' light trusses to make a 10' tower (because what I could design and build wouldn't be as safe and strong as these puppies!). We guy-wired the tower in place, attached the bundle to 18' of fiberglass rods and hoisted it right up inside the tower. Definitely made me think of ways to do that more efficiently on-playa but today was just about seeing what it would look like.

As soon as the sun went down and it was dark enough, we fired up the 10w LED. Holy crap! The light was incredible! I can see how the ends are going to create the "Stardust." I need to figure out how to make it more spectacular but first, just a test. Very wonderfully successful test.



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