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Moving Forward

Took a little break from Stardust social media. It just felt wrong with Larry Harvey passing away. In a selfish way, I was really sad that he wouldn't get to sit on my bench. What I loved during that time is reading all the Larry stories. So much love and good memories poured out from the community.

So moving forward with the project...

the Hatchfund campaign hit it's goal and beyond. OMG! And I spent some time playing with hardware store parts to mock up a shelf for the fiberglass rods and making anchoring feet for the support cage. AND we mocked up the actual bench sitting space to check for comfort then updated the CAD drawings for the shape and size of the bench. Eeeeeeeee!!!! Can't wait to share some of those drawings!!!!

Today I experimented with lengths of end glow fiber optic cables and widths of fiberglass rods.

Different Lengths and Widths for Cosmic Rays
Different Lengths and Widths for Cosmic Rays

Stardust is also listed on the Burning Man website.



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