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Opening Up a Can of, um, Cosmic Rays

Bundle #2 made! Split the first and second (one bundle fits on a 10w LED then it's split and runs up two fiberglass rods) then attached all four up the fiberglass rods into the Galactic Tube frame. I used two different sizes and played with the height of the rods to test bendiness (it's a word!) and figure out where inside of the tube I could mount the rods. Too many configurations for my brain!!!!

Four poles went up in the back yard. Two poles made with three 3/8" fiberglass rods and two poles made with two 5/16" fiberglass rods.

I moved them farther up inside the cage to see if I could reduce the number of rods and length of fibers but I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to squeeze 14 more of these puppies into the Galactic Tube support cage in an organized way so that it can be reassembled on-playa easily.

Right now I'm thinking there should a platform or some sort of panel that is mounted to the support cage closer to the top and has tubes or slots to insert the rods, allowing the fiber bundles to drop down through the center of the cage where they will attach to the 9 illuminators.



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