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PDXWLF2019 Wrap!

Spent an entire week (not counting prep work) on the road devoted to bringing Stardust to my beloved hometown of Portland, Oregon for their 4th annual Portland Winter Light Festival. Completely new experiences included preparing a large scale installation for shipping and having Stardust sit out in rain and snow. So many friends and family came out to support this latest endeavor and I got to share Stardust with folks who would never have seen it at Burning Man. My mom got a private tour before opening night, Will's folks and family friend came out Thursday and apparently had a blast exploring the other installations. My long-time friends and co-workers even came out to see it!!! A special thank you to Chris, Misty, Shannon, Jean Margaret and Mark for getting me there and getting me equipment I needed to set up Stardust. And to my friends Nasim, Kat, Bruce, Mary, Bill, Ken, Heather and my husband, Will, for building and striking Stardust in some pretty cold weather - you rock my world! Find tons of images of the whole trip and event here.

Stardust in the Snow
Stardust in the Snow



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