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Thank you my beloved Elements!

Many of you know I'm bringing an art installation to Burning Man this year. Yay!

And many of you have asked if you can participate/help out with the project.

Why, yes you can!

Below is a very detailed description of Stardust endeavors for you to peruse.

Do not feel obligated to volunteer. 

I would just love for you to visit and enjoy it!!

If you feel inspired to volunteer, read the descriptions below and then check out this sign-up sheet link. There are multiple tabs. The first one is where you tell me a little bit about yourself like our name, email, what you want to do, etc. The next three tabs are for pre/burn/post volunteer opportunities.

I can't wait to share Stardust with you all!!


We’ll definitely find something for you to do. We could always use moral support if there are already enough people…or you can help with LNT!


Check in/Set up work area

Build shade

Mark out where Stardust baseplate will be located

Mark out perimeter - 25 feet beyond the outer edge of Stardust’s bench

Dig power cord ditch - 50 feet from Stardust!

Install perimeter lighting - pound in rebar, press solar lights and cage into playa, stake down at three point minimum.

Set up bike jack just beyond perimeter

Add temporary lighting to anything not visible at night - generator box, Stardust, bike jacks, guy wire, rebar, shade, etc.

8/22 - 8/24

Finish anything not done on 8/21 list

Build Stardust!!!

LNT like crazy!

Test lights overnight on 8/24


Repairs, modifications, etc.

Take Space Muffin to DMV right before sundown. Let’s make a parade out of it!

I have shovels for digging the 50 foot ditch for the power cord.

I have a couple hammers and mallets for installing re-bar and ground stakes.

I have extra gloves in several varieties and eye protection that you can use.

I’ll have LNT equipment so we can MOOP as we go.

I’ll have lots of water on hand.

We’ll build some shade! I’m bringing an impact driver to make it easier. Yay!


This is a pre and post event task while the crew works.

It can be anything you can dream of that will support the crew.

Delicious snacks, ice runs, wonderful beverages, a quick massage, misting, fanning, sing us a song, tell us a joke, apply sunscreen…anything!!!


This is a 2-part volunteer option:

1. Donate gas for Stardust’s generator.

Donate 1.5 gallons of FRESH (the generator will not run on old fuel) gas in a 2-gallon gas container (gas expands in the heat) to VW Bus Camp (2:45 & F)…or more if you’d like to!!

We will have a designated area for it.

Please mark it with your name and camp location and pretty please take it back with you after we put it in the generator.

2. Fill Stardust’s generator with fuel out in deep playa.

It has to be filled every day - anytime before dusk.

I’ll have an orientation on Monday in VW Bus Camp (time will be noted in the spreadsheet) where we’ll ride out together and do it.

That means if you’ve signed up to do it, you’ll do it twice.

Please keep that in mind.

It’s OK if you don’t want to do it now. :)

>> If you sign up for refueling Stardust’s generator we are counting on you to do it on the day you said you were going to do it.

* You’ll need key to unlock generator box & it needs to be returned to VW Bus Camp after you’re done.

* Keep in mind you’ll be carrying a 2-gallon gas container to and from VW Bus Camp.

* Do you have a bike cargo trailer? That will be very helpful!

* Bring a friend and spend some time hanging out or exploring deep playa but please bring the key back as soon as you can.


* Hang out at the installation as a Stardust Ambassador

* Tell people about Stardust

- Why it was built:

> As an oasis away from the noise and lights of BRC

> So people will notice the beautiful BRC sky

- Black Rock City Honoraria recipient

- It’s my very first art installation ever! :)

* Protect It

- Keep participants from climbing it as it is not a load-bearing structure beyond the sitting area

- Prevent folks from writing/painting on it - it's not going to burn

- Keep cigarettes away from it - cinders/hot ashes can melt the diffusion

* Help People Enjoy It

- Ask them to leave their bikes outside of the perimeter at the bike jacks to keep space open for people to explore

- Encourage them to sit back on bench, listen to the wind chimes, look up at the “stardust”, breath deeply and relax

- Mention there are hidden interactive features

~ 3 buttons launch shooting star effects along the Cosmic Rays

~ A motion detector changes the direction of the portal lights landing pattern


Pre/During Event:

Anytime you visit Stardust or on an LNT shift

* Carry a bag or small container for MOOP (Matter Out Of Place)

* Walk around the installation, perimeter and a bit beyond including the bike jacks and generator box

* Look for MOOP (around, under, stuck to the lights, etc.) and pick it up

* Check generator box for damage (theft and vandalism is always a possibility)

* Oil or gas spills from generator?

* Notify me (VW Bus Camp - 2:45 & F) if there is damage to the installation, bike jacks, perimeter lights, generator box, etc. that can cause additional MOOP

Post Event/Tear Down:

Contractually, Stardust must stay up and running until the end of the event on Monday, September 3rd at 6pm.

Let’s try to knock this out very early on Tuesday 9/4, maybe even start a bit of it on Monday after 6pm, 9/3.

I have a much more thorough rundown on LNT that Burning Man recommends we follow. We’ll need several folks to help form a line sweep. I’ll provide a .pdf on those details. I cannot start teardown until Monday late afternoon, technically after the event is over at 6pm.

** Make sure I have your email address on the spreadsheet so I can send you the LNT procedures.



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