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Stardust: Maker Faire 2019

Hoo boy! Traveling with a spaceship bench is a lot of work. But we made it!

And the Maker Faire team have been incredible! Specifically, Jay and Siana!

We loaded Stardust and the Space Muffin into a 26' truck with the help of a pallet jack (Stardust was still on pallets from its adventure to Portland, Oregon) and a lift gate and my neighbor, Dianne, on Wednesday, May 15th. I drove it down to San Mateo and unloaded it into its temporary home at Maker Faire. Zone 7, Redwood Building. I'm now pretty good and using a pallet jack! ;)

Thursday, May 16th, my husband, Will, and I put the pieces together. It was so nice being in a room rather than outside, especially that day because it poured down rain the whole time. It sounded wonderful in that room! We had a little help from the Myriapoda team who were also setting up in the room with Stardust. Thank guys!!!

The Space Muffin gets its final assembly on Friday. I charged it overnight while it sat next to Rebekah Waites' Singularity, which is now inside with Stardust!

Come see to Maker Faire and see Stardust!

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