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Stardust Presentation - Oh, shit!

So, there's this annual event where artists talk about the project they hope to bring to Burning Man. I'm going to be one of those artists!!!!!!!!

It's a 5-minute/10 slide (Five & Dime) presentation on anything I want to share about the project. Yikes! I've never done that before...just like everything else about this project.

Freak out is happening but today I'll work on the words. My friend, Dillon, at Hatchfund said he'd take look at it since he's done many of these. Still!

It'll be at the Norse Theater. Holy crap! Seriously? I've seen Marc Maron and Adam Savage talking to each other on that same page. I may need to bring a barf bag and some tissue because I might vomit or cry or both!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Burning Man Desert Arts Preview 2018
Burning Man Desert Arts Preview 2018



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