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We Did It!

Reached the Dream Funding Goal
Reached the Dream Funding Goal

Hello beloved Elements!

We did it!!!!

Thanks to you we can now move forward with all the things we need to do to create and bring Stardust to the playa in August.

Time to build!

In the next week or so I will start scheduling work parties and reaching out for potential VOLUNTEER crew members for the following...

Richmond, CA Build Site: * Sanding/Sealing CNC Bench Parts (300-ish pieces!) * Construct Bench Parts * Build generator box (to look like OSIRIS-REX) * Cut/paint/decorate Playatech bike jack * Embellish Galvanized Sheet Metal Tube (Galactic Tube) >> (anyone good at decoratively cutting metal tubes?) * Creating 7 more fiber optic bundles (Cosmic Rays) * Permanently attach fibers to fiberglass rods * Devise a way to attach lighting modularly * Fluffing - help me feed my Elements! ✨ * Rental truck loading/unloading pre & post event * Cleaning rental truck

Burning Man: * Loading/unloading rental truck on-playa (pre/post event) * Construction/deconstruction (pre/post) * LNT before/during/after event * Guardianship - discourage climbing, prevent tagging, etc. * Fluffing - help me feed my Elements! 🌟

I'm sure there will be more tasks and talents needed as I figure things out. :D

Please Note: I cannot guarantee a ticket or vehicle pass for the event.



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