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Wheee!!!! Let's Do That Again!!!

Stardust Work Party Success!
Stardust Work Party Success!

Hello again my beloved Elements!

We kicked some serious space booty last week. Wanna do it this weekend too?

What: Work Party

Where: Point Richmond, CA Please pm me for address at stardustlaunch (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know if you can make it for sure so we have enough food.

When: Sunday, July 22nd 11am until 6pm-ish...even later if we're inspired! **Arrive & depart at your convenience but let me know your approximate time availability.**

Tasks: * We need to make more fiber optic bundles for the Cosmic Rays. Sort of monotonous but if you have a great podcast or audio book it makes it easy peasy.

* We'll then take those fiber optic bundles and attach them to the fiberglass rods with shrink wrap. Definitely not a one-person job!

* We're finalizing the construction of the Galactic Tube (tall, round, galvanized sheet metal) which entails using a manual nibbler to cut out stars, moons, comets and flying saucers and adding diffusion and fastening (not fascinating!) details.

* We're going to add diffusion to other parts of the bench too!

* We're also finishing up the generator box (creating fake solar panels, painting, decorating, etc.) and the second Playatech bike jack (cutting a few more parts, assembling and stenciling).

* We also have some simple sewing to do to create pillow pods for our Stardust Space Pillow Ring!! We have a sewing machine.

* We can also finish repairing the Space Muffin and get it ready for it's new "frosting."

Bring leather work gloves or even gardening gloves if you have them to protect your hands from sharp edges and splinters. We've got a couple pair. We'll also provide dust masks and earplugs.

Prepare for heat and sun and grubbiness as we're working outside. We have shade, chairs, a water cooler to make it comfy.

We'll have refreshments (adult and non-alcoholic) and snacks, then order up some pizzas toward the end of the shift.

Thank you!



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