• Commander Foxy

Stardust Has Landed!

July 13, 2021 Stardust has found a permanent home! It'll be installed on a friend's property in Grass Valley, CA where it can be enjoyed by friends, family and guests. Yay!

Been chipping away at the TLC to get Stardust ready for the long haul. It's been sitting in pieces in our front and back yards, and in bins and sections in our garage since it came back from the last Bay Area Maker Faire in 2019. Despite spending 2 weeks in the harsh desert elements at Burning Man in 2018 and another week in freezing weather, rain, snow and ice at the Portland Winter Lights Festival in 2019, it held up really well!

I replaced all the shrink wrap on the Cosmic Rays with two layers. My husband, Will, checked all the lights and only found one not working. And we had a spare!

I took a battery powered leaf blower to the spaceship bench parts (pie slices) and blew out the leaves and spider webs and replaced and repaired the diffusion.

I packed up the hardware, spare parts, repair kit, tools, lights, etc. and moved the bench pieces and pallets into position in the driveway for easy loading on Wednesday, July 14th. We'll install the piece starting Friday, July 16th and finish on Saturday, July 17th. Hoping to be done in time to test it at sunset.

More to come...